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About us

Little Buddies provides an excellent foundation on which every child in their most formative years can build their future learning within a caring, secure and stimulating environment where they feel safe, valued and happy. Our environments are exciting and engaging to support all children to thrive.

Our first Little Buddies Day Nursery is situated in the village of Flackwell Heath.

Our second Little Buddies Day Nursery is situated in the centre of High Wycombe. 

We offer full and part time places. Also government funded 2 and 3 year old places including 15 and 30 hours.


Our Mission Statement

'To deliver high quality care for all children in a stimulating, warm, secure and inclusive environment where they are all valued, respected and supported to reach their full potential in their early years'.


Our Aims

-To create a warm, caring and secure environment where children’s individual needs are supported, allowing them to grow into independent, confident characters who are respected and valued.

-To work in partnership with parents; enabling children to reach their full potential, beginning their learning journey in a positive and happy way.

-To provide well planned activities and learning enriched opportunities, allowing children to progress successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage.

-To support diversity and welcome all children recognising that each child’s learning journey is unique and individual to them and their experiences.


Our Staff

We strongly believe our staff are our most valuable asset. We choose them based upon their dedication, as well as their experience and qualifications.

We reinforce this by supporting their personal and professional growth to ensure practise is effective and constructive.

Our staff retention is excellent and several of our staff members have been with us since the original opening of Little Buddies Day Nursery in 2014.


What makes us special


Clean and well resourced

We take pride in ensuring our nurseries consistently provide immaculate enabling environments. This helps to stimulate all children to learn whilst having fun and engage in endless exploration opportunities, to spark their imagination and curiosity. Our resources provided are suited to help to stretch and build upon children's fundamental skills and motivate them to initiate their own ideas. 


Child centric approach

We value children's safety, welfare, interests, needs, requirements and individuality as being the core of any decision making and support.  Every unique child is supported to create a secure foundation to build upon, through high quality and consistent care, we always have their best interests at heart. Equality and diversity is embedded and celebrated in our inclusive community!


Safety is always a priority

We comply strictly to all of the safeguarding policies, procedures and measures, to support the wellbeing of all children in our settings. In addition, the safety of all staff and parents is also important to us ensuring the nurseries are safe for everyone. We have secure safety precautions to ensure everything is suitable for the setting.


Dedication and attention to detail

We as practitioners, use our knowledge and expertise to execute a variety of teaching methods in the settings, including effective parent partnership. This helps to support children to all progress through the EYFS at their own pace. We also use a warm and welcoming approach to create a comfortable homely environment for all children to thrive in. 

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